Creative Technologist

I help companies thrive in an era of turbulence.

This is a time of rapid change and uncertainty.

As businesspeople, we have a duty to act decisively, intelligently and courageously to serve our customers, contribute to society, and build resiliency into our businesses.

We have an opportunity to get smart, innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial. We have an opportunity to help people. To make a genuine contribution.

Let’s stop reacting and start acting.

I help companies use technology in creative ways to become more resilient, agile and flexible.

I do this in two principal areas.

Technology advice and strategy: I assess current state, develop a vision for the future, and devise a roadmap for getting there.

Technology execution: I design and develop web, mobile and cloud technologies, either independently or by leveraging my extensive, curated network of creative professionals and impact-driven companies.

My strategy and advisory work is grounded in the daily practice of software engineering and web development. My engineering work is guided by strategic considerations and a commitment to business results.

I’ve been privileged to work with companies of all sizes, from tiny start-ups to major brands including Dave & Busters, Amgen, Stericycle, Torstar Corporation and RE/MAX.

We can do this.

Times of change produce boundless opportunities for nimble, resilient companies.

I help my clients access that world of opportunity.

Practice Areas

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