Throttle: A Bookmarklet That Removes Turbo From RTH

Raise the Hammer has long been a favourite place of mine for both reading and writing. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, a determined and apparently unemployed troll named Turbo has been attempting to ruin the discussion there (unemployed or underemployed: the sheer volume of comments leaves no other conclusion).

As a result I’ve had no choice but to write a bookmarklet that automatically hides all of his comments when you click it.

To use it in Firefox or Chrome (probably Safari as well), just drag and drop the URL below (the one that says Throttle) to your bookmark’s toolbar. In Internet Explorer, right click on the link and choose “Add to favourites” (not sure how you get it into your browser toolbar from there, but if you know, go ahead and add a comment below.


Once you’ve done that, all you have to do to use it is click it while reading any RTH article or post. All of Turbo’s comments will instantly disappear and you can go on reading without with his absurd trolling.

P.S. This also just happens to automatically downvote his comments too…

UPDATE: Here’s a version that takes care of Hammy:


208 Responses to “Throttle: A Bookmarklet That Removes Turbo From RTH”
  1. Jason:

    Brilliant! I haven’t seen any better reason to start running chrome. Please announce how long before it work in Firefox, so I can decide if I need to switch.

  2. mrjanitor:

    Dear God Adrian… Thank You!! I avoid Explorer so I’ll switch from Flock to Firefox and give this a try. I find it interesting that the RTH troll has mellowed so much in the last 24 hours, I can actually can suffer him today.

  3. Ade:

    It works in Firefox and Internet Explorer now.

  4. A fan:

    Thank you so much Adrian! You’re my hero today!