Think Globally, Act Locally

If you’re reading this at any time close to the time of writing – April 11, 2007 – there’s a good chance you’re one of the people who used to come here pretty regularly. And if you’re one of those people, you know that the volume of posts here on this blog is not what it used to be.

There are a few reasons for that, including impending fatherhood and the sudden demise of the business I formerly co-owned (my lawyer has advised me to refrain from getting into the details surrounding that demise, so all I will say is that it wasn’t my fault). But one of the major reasons is I’ve shifted focus from writing here to writing for Raise the Hammer.

Writing for RTH continues to be a satisfying experience. I love writing posts here, and it’s my hope that when things settle down a little, I can get back into the rhythm of blogging. Blogging is a freer experience than writing for RTH, since RTH’s focus is more on urban issues, and more on local issues, while here I can write about whatever I want.

On the other hand, writing for RTH is in some ways a more meaningful experience. I greatly appreciate readers of this blog and the dialogue we engage in.

However, writing on just one of the many millions of blogs that are out there is akin to shouting from the bleachers of a football stadium: the people sitting next to you can’t help but notice your yelling, and they may even be slightly annoyed with you, but the course of the game and the opinions of the spectators remain unaffected.

I believe that Raise the Hammer, however, has a genuine impact on Hamilton. I know that we are able to get the attention of some Hamiltonians, some city councillors and even the mayor, and there’s an ongoing conversation with Hamiltonians that is hugely rewarding.

Had someone told me a few months ago that at some point I’d be sitting in city hall, having a meeting with the mayor and two of his aides, I’d have laughed. But Ryan, the editor of RTH, contacted the mayor’s office shortly after he was elected, and not long afterwards we were having a relaxed conversation with him about Raise the Hammer and his agenda for his term in office.

This all sums up to that famous activist phrase, “Think globally, act locally.” As a blogger writing about international events, I’m just one of millions. As a citizen of Hamilton writing about local affairs, I’m one of thousands or maybe even hundreds. Better odds, better audience.

So if you miss reading my posts, maybe you’ll enjoy the writing on Raise the Hammer instead. I wrote an article for the new issue called As Spring Arrives, Perennial Issues and Guerilla Gardeners Resurface, there’s lots of other articles in this new issue, and the Hammerblog is always hopping.

The Hammerblog includes great material that covers national and international issues as well, so it’s not all just Hamilton-based.

Thanks for reading and don’t step checking back in – I’ll keep writing, even if infrequently.

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