Live Ade

Yup, it’s a brutal pun, but I couldn’t resist. That’s what I’m calling the latest little widget I’ve added to this blog, a cool little plug-in called Shoutbox. You can see it at the very bottom of the sidebar on the right. Basically it’s a live chat box (go say something). I came across this while researching the AJAX technology I mentioned here a little while ago.

Why the sudden onslaught of geekiness? In the last few months my work has taken a sharp turn into web development territory. I never normally talked about the tech stuff because it was all client-side – that is, it sat on my own personal computer – so I couldn’t ever demonstrate anything I was working on. Now, however, I’m starting to get into stuff that you can see, because it’s web-based. And truthfully, it’s also a lot more exciting.

But don’t worry, I have plans in the works to minimize the pain for those of you who have no interest in these subjects, though for now your best bet is to just ignore anything that gets posted in the “Business and Technical” category.

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