Election 2006


Canadians Breathe Sigh of Irritation, Indifference

Warren Kinsella:

“Thus the Liberal Party of Canada, circa 2005 A.D. Dispirited, disliked and divided in much of the country – and spared the loss of power only by the fact that their principal adversaries are (for now) distrusted by many female voters. Too many Liberals confuse the Conservatives’ continuing inability to win an election with enthusiasm for the alternative. One day – and one day soon, I believe – the Conservative Party will attract the support of enough Canadians, and Liberals will bitterly rue the day they forsook renewal.”

Marijuana Smokers Outraged as Layton Turns His Back on Key Constituency

Bill C-17, which would have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, died on the order paper when the government was defeated. Across the country, millions of dope smokers who had been holding their breath while they waited for the bill to pass – and to ensure they got a good hit – finally exhaled, disappointed.

SPCA: A Vote for Harper is a Vote for Kitten-Torturers

Along with Bill C-17, an animal cruelty bill also died with yesterday’s overthrow of the Liberals, clearly showing that whatever Harper believes in, being nice to puppies is not one of them. Conservative strategists are reportedly worried about the damage this will do to his quest for a “kinder, gentler” image. Look for Harper to toss a few small furry animals into his baby- and hamburger-juggling repertoire this holiday season.

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