Perils of the Digital Lifestyle: Google Calendar Goes Down

All morning, Google Calendar has looked different than it usually does.

No Google Calendar

I believe I have some appointments today, but I don’t know when they are or who they are with.

Sometimes, even mighty Google is no match for that free calendar, complete with recipes, sitting on my fridge at home.

Unfortunately, it’s at home. Not that it really matters, since it doesn’t have any of my appointments on it. They’re all sitting somewhere behind that 404 page.


Writing Away

Having a baby has inspired me, I think, because I’ve managed to put pen to paper more in the last couple of weeks than in all of the last few months.

Literally pen to paper, since I’ve been writing on a pad, the old-fashioned way, while trying to soothe Oliver to sleep.

So, if you’re interested, read away.

I’ll take offensive words over deeds

The disgust heaped on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad since his speech at Columbia University in New York has been remarkable for both its ferocity and its hypocrisy.

Ontario Tories Putting Fund in Fundamentalism

It isn’t difficult to predict what would happen to religious schools if they were publicly funded. Existing religious schools would grow larger. The number of religious schools would increase, as it would suddenly become affordable and perhaps even profitable for even small religious groups to open schools.

Enrolment in public schools would drop. The more successful religious schools became, the more the public system would decline. This, in turn, would have a ripple effect across cities.

Dreschel dumps on pedestrian piazza proposal

Mayor Fred Eisenberger’s proposal to pedestrianize Gore Park is causing a lot of buzz among Hamilton residents, especially in the downtown core.

The idea is bold, innovative, and exciting. It’s an idea that has been proven to be effective over and over again in cities in other nations, especially in Europe. And it’s something that would never have been proposed under former Mayor DiIanni.

All that means that Spectator columnist Andrew Dreschel was bound not to like it.

On the other hand, if you were just dropping by to see if any new pics of Oliver were available, you came to the right place.


Corporal Donald Payne: My Torture of Iraqi Prisoners Is Your Great Opportunity

Today my inbox was graced by the most imaginative, most interesting Nigerian 419 scam letter ever. This scammer ought to give up fraud and start writing thrillers ala Tom Clancy.

I am writing this letter from a maximum Security detention facility here in London. My Name is Corporal Donald Payne of the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment Posted to Baghdad, and I am currently serving 1 year jail term having been sentenced on the 30th of April 2007 after a lengthy court-martial, I have been charged with crimes of torturing Iraqi prisoners along with Two colleagues in my regiment.

Because of the recent turn of events I have applied for, and secured a permit to clean the Prison Library because it will keep me away from the general population of inmates and such I will stay alive a bit longer and most importantly There I have access to send at Least One email a day, and Such have found it necessary to tell you about this because of the fact that the Moslem community in prison here have passed a death sentence on me for the crimes of torturing Iraqi Prisoners for which I was imprisoned and an attempt has been already made on my life so now I am in a different cellblock. but I know its just a matter of time before they get me, They do not understand that I was just following orders, I have applied for a transfer but they are taking too long to approve it. That why I need to open up to someone I can trust who can apply for My transfer and strike a deal with The chief Warden here to hasten the transfer process ,A neutral person Like you That’s why I have contacted you.

When we were posted to Iraq I was detailed to provide security escort for The UN Nuclear waste and radioactive material disposal unit responsible for carrying out such tasks as the disposal of dangerous nuclear materials at specified radioactive waste disposal sites of such nature discovered in Iraq by the American Inspectors. The Iraqi Army Marked These Metal Boxes as dangerous radioactive and Nuclear waste Materials So when they were discovered by the UN weapons Inspectors in an underground bunker the metal boxes were treated as Level /A Radioactive Nuclear Contaminants Thus Documentation was processed for the contents to be detonated, destroyed and disposed in one of the several US nuclear disposal facilities around Iraq , So they marked the Boxes for detonation, destruction and disposal, having been believed to Contain Nuclear and radioactive materials for the production of Biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction for The Iraqi Army.

But while we were subjecting these boxes to routing scanning for our record purposes we discovered that the Two Metal boxes did not read as containing radioactive nuclear materials on the scanner screen but rather what appeared to be paper like materials in cellophane wrappings which prompted us to open the security seals on the boxes only to discover That The two boxes contained cash ,$12.9 million United States Dollars Concealed By top Iraqi military officers and abandoned in the bunkers during the Raids by Us marines who preceded the Weapons Inspection team.

When the boxes were found missing and Two officers in My regiment my self inclusive were charged for torturing Iraqi prisoners, I was tried and court-martialed, when I confessed to having sold the Nuclear materials to An Iraqi Army General the military treated the matter as internal affairs and I was sentenced in a military court and locked up in The British Military detention Facility for 18 months for selling nuclear materials to the Iraqi Army.

Right now I need an honest and sincere but neutral person, a civilian preferably to receive these funds from the diplomatic security deposit company which is used mainly for the movement of sensitive and diplomatic as well as classified shipments in and out of Iraq, where I managed to lodge the Two boxes as containing photographic and x-ray film materials and documentation from the United Nations Nuclear waste disposal facility In Baghdad for shipment out of Iraq.

Please, Should you not be willing to work with me on this, kindly ignore this letter so as not to implicate me because I have worked too hard to keep this on the down low for this long I plan to have a better life on the other side of these walls come April 2008 when I my sentence ends if only I could just Stay Alive.

I anxiously await your response,

Yours Faithfully

Cpl Donald Payne

I am tempted to pull an Abdul Jabbar on this guy just to read more of his story.

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